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Recently, passive income brought only traditional tools: bank deposits, real estate rent, business, and the like. With the advent of cryptocurrencies, there is a new and effective way to generate passive income. Let’s take a look at the main passive methods of earning cryptocurrency and answer the question of how to win bitcoins. For a full guide, please visit

Using a crypto browser

A new type of browser has emerged, and it can be extremely useful for people interested in cryptocurrencies, NFT, and all the DeFi experience. Such browsers make it easier for users to access Web 3.0.
Web3 is a concept of a completely different third-generation Internet, decentralized and managed through the blockchain and token economy. It is opposed to the Web2 World Wide Web, which is based on centralized platforms.

Rewards for purchases

There are projects that provide a cashback service in cryptocurrency. But such services are less common due to the lack of system transparency, inconvenience, and risks.
Similarly, there are Bitcoin cashback and rewards apps that allow users to receive free bitcoins as a commission bonus when purchasing from online stores or merchants that support a cashback plan.

Participating in Airdrops

Airdrop is a free token giveaway. Its purpose is to spread the word about a new coin that is not yet traded on popular exchanges.
Cryptocurrency creators can give away free coins to existing coin holders in a certain proportion. For example, providing 10% of the number of coins held in the wallet. This practice ensures the popularity of the token in a relatively short period of time, attracting more investor capital.
To get free cryptocurrency, it is enough to perform a number of simple tasks, such as subscribing to groups, channels, or pages, adding to friends, posting comments, tagging friends, liking or reposting, etc.

Cryptocurrency Games

Players just collect tokens for completing tasks and staying in a crypto game, they can invest in or convert them into real money. Usually, the accrual is for performing primitive actions in the game.
The idea is to gamify the process of watching ads. Users play games of different genres, thinking about how to win bitcoins. In doing so, they remain on the page with the game on which the advertisement is located. At the expense of it, the players are paid.

Cryptocurrency apps

The same essence is true for cryptocurrency apps, which are often simulations of an activity. Participants manipulate a virtual account, and real cryptocurrencies are taken through competitions and participation in contests.

Some projects use real processes taking place in the crypto industry to simulate. It can be a quiz that requires correct answers to questions or a trading simulator with real exchange prices. Therefore, such applications can be used by beginners and for training.

Bitcoin Faucets and Buxes

Faucets accrue cryptocurrency to the user for solving the captcha once in a certain time. Coins are paid out due to the fact that the sites with cranes are filled with advertisements. Usually, they also offer a lot of bonus programs, including casinos, which allow participants to increase their balance.

Cryptocurrency betting sites work on the same principle. Only in these services, offers for viewing ads are coming periodically, and viewing them is done directly, without long waiting intervals. In addition, the bookmakers offer other simple tasks with payment.

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