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Why You Should Outsource Your Deposition Summary.

It’s well known how important a deposition summary can be to your case so that your lawyer can accurately represent your stand. So if the lawyer is going to use the deposition summary, shouldn’t they also make it? Why is outsourcing deposition summaries becoming increasingly popular?

Let’s find out how you can get the best deposition summary and who you should ask to do it.

The Issues With Insourcing Your Deposition Summary

It is also well established that making a deposition summary is a very long and extensive process. Sometimes the one making it has to go through hundreds of pages which then need to be condensed and edited and formatted and in the end, this task may take days of work.

So from the get go, it is clear to see that such a lengthy process is going to be expensive if you get your attorney to do it. They often charge per the hour, and this could result in a very large bill indeed.

Additionally, the time they spend making this deposition summary may be time that they do not really have to spare. Either they may make a rush job of the summary or they may have to delay more important tasks that need to be handled with urgency. Either way, this is something that slows down your attorney unnecessarily.

The Benefits Of Outsourcing Your Deposition Summary

Now we come to the good stuff. By outsourcing to a company that specializes in deposition summaries, you are going to get a much more reasonable price and they will be able to confirm the exact cost beforehand.

Secondly, because you have outsourced, it frees up your attorney to handle all the other matters that need to be reviewed and handled without interruption.

Lastly, not only will the deposition summary be much clearer and better put together but you are also likely to receive it back within a much narrower timeframe. Overall, by outsourcing your deposition summary, you get a better result, you receive it quicker, it costs you less and it allows the entire legal process to run much smoother.

If you need a deposition summary, don’t be afraid to speak up and tell your attorney that you want to outsource that task. Likely they will be more relieved than anything else and it may even be what they recommend themselves. May you get the best outsourced deposition summary for your case.

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