Why Hire A Hurricane Damage Lawyer

If you have been impacted by a hurricane, it is important to contact an attorney as soon as possible. Public adjusters, otherwise known as “storm chasers,” represent the insurer and are unscrupulous and unreliable. A hurricane damage attorney can help you collect the maximum amount of damages possible under your insurance policy. In addition to assisting with filing a claim, a lawyer will be able to handle negotiations with insurance companies to maximize your recovery.

Public adjusters represent the insured

Public adjusters are paid a percentage of the total settlement. The fee varies from public adjuster to public adjuster, but it usually ranges from five to fifteen percent of the total claim. Fees can be negotiated. In Florida, the law limits the fee to twenty percent of the maximum claim, and the governor can set a lower fee cap of ten percent. Public adjusters may work on a contingency fee basis.

They can be “storm chasers”

Storm chasers are often unscrupulous, often using high-pressure sales techniques to convince you to hire them. They’ll tell you they’ll give you a “good deal” if you hire them right away. You shouldn’t be rushed into hiring a storm damage lawyer – you should avoid these people! While advertising by lawyers is legal, storm chasers sometimes cross the line. In Texas, soliciting clients directly or through case runners is illegal. Ask for identification and look for business information on the vehicle of the solicitor.

They can be unscrupulous

In the aftermath of a hurricane, the amount of money that is due to you may be less than what you expected. You may be wondering how an insurance company can be so evasive and unscrupulous. This is because bad faith insurance practices occur when the insurance company doesn’t want to pay the full amount. Many unscrupulous insurance companies know that homeowners will be anxious to receive payment from their policy as soon as possible, so they try to use any technicality in their policy to avoid paying the full amount.

They can deny claims

Having a hurricane damage lawyer on your side is essential when the insurance company refuses to pay out after a storm. While some companies operate with good intentions, others use their profit margins to their advantage, denying your claim or underpaying it. The bottom line is that they want to reduce their costs, so they will do whatever they can to deny your claim. This can be disastrous for you and your family.

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