Tips to Discuss with Your Kids about Divorce

Parents who have decided to end their relationship find it difficult to announce their decision to their kids. Finally, when they inform, the kids will react in a negative way and this results in more family issues. It mainly happens because emotionally accepting their parent’s separation is hard for them to even think about it. Children feel insecure and think their parents don’t love them enough to solve their marital issues to live together as a family. Thus as a parent, you need to make them understand about divorce and in no way their love for their child will end.

Here are few helpful thoughts:

  • Make prior planning about the discussion:
    • Both the parents need to sit together and discuss the ways to present the whole talk with their children.
    • Plan the words promising good life and don’t try to speak any negative matter about your spouse.
    • It will be best to speak to kids when they aren’t busy in their usual activities. You can break the news to immediate family on weekends.
    • It is always beneficial when you have supportive relatives or friends around whom your children love and respect as well.
  • It is best for both the parents to talk to kids together.
  • You need to portray that parents are still in the family team together even though their ways will separate.
  • Promise them to be always there when they need you. Parent’s promises do help in strengthening their secure feelings.

  • Don’t give reasons or needs behind your separation. Just discuss with them that divorce is the only way helping to keep the family united forever. Divorce will help in fully reducing the stressful moments that was spoiling the lively life of every member of the family.
  • Be positive and don’t bring any negative thoughts to reflect in the discussion:

Children love to know that everything is fine, thus maintain their belief.

You need to tell in detail about your future family plans. This reduces the negativity prevailing in the discussion. They are able to understand that their parents will always stand and support them forever.

Frankly speaking, there isn’t any perfect way to adapt while discussing divorce with children. Only your gentle talk without getting agitated will help your children to reduce the burden of knowing that finally their parents are ending their marriage to each other. Don’t stress, affectionately you can do the difficult conversation of your life with ease.

Patch Sagan
the authorPatch Sagan