Three Things that can Hurt Your Car Accident Claim

After sustaining injuries in a car accident, you want to get immediate medical care. Once you go to a doctor and get the treatment you need, you may start worrying about payments for your medical bills. Depending on how serious your injury is, you may not be able to work, so you wonder how you would support yourself and your family financially. In addition, you may be stressed about how you will get your car repaired and overcome the trauma the accident has caused. 

Fortunately, you can file a car accident claim to recover compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, car damage, and pain and suffering. And to increase your chances of getting the compensation you deserve, you must work with a reliable car accident lawyer colorado springs. Your attorney will help you avoid making some mistakes that can hurt your claim. If your car accident resulted from another driver’s negligence, you must have your case assessed by an attorney. The following are some of the things that can hurt your claim:

Getting Drawn to the First Settlement Offer

After you submit a claim to the insurance company of the at-fault driver, you will soon be contacted by a claims adjuster from the company. Although they may approach you nicely, you should realize this person does not have your best interest in mind. Indeed, they may offer a lowball settlement, hoping that you will accept it and stop negotiating for more money. But, accepting this first offer may leave you without money to cover your medical needs and other expenses. The best thing to do is to let your attorney communicate and negotiate with the adjuster for you.

Not Getting Immediate Medical Attention

You may not seek medical attention because you think you feel just fine. But, no matter how you feel, you need to get yourself checked by a doctor. If you don’t’ seek immediate treatment, the insurance company can argue that your injuries were not serious enough to warrant compensation. By visiting a doctor, you can protect your health and make sure you get fair compensation for your medical treatments, services, devices, and medications. 

Admitting Fault

While you are still at the accident scene, you may want to apologize for what occurred or say sorry for the hassle in good faith. But, doing so shows an admission of fault, which could hurt your possible claim. Even if you think you contributed to the accident, do not admit fault. When you have to speak with the other party involved, try to be as neutral as possible. 

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