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Steps to Choosing a Premises Liability Attorney

When you are injured while on someone’s property due to the property owner’s negligence, you might have a premises liability case that will require the services of a premises liability attorney. Choosing the best premises liability attorney is important to increase the chances of acquiring maximum compensation for injuries caused.

Factors to consider when choosing a premises liability attorney

Extensive premises liability experience; you should pick an attorney with vast experience handling premises liability cases as his core area of practice. In considering experience, we also ensure that the attorney has trial experience. Past case results will also guide their track record and the level of success they have achieved in their practice.

  • Personal connection with the attorney –pick an attorney that you have a personal connection with. He should have empathy and your interest at heart. Since personal injury cases may be lengthy and involved, hiring an attorney you easily get along with is important.
  • Candidate’s reputation – check if the attorney you are planning to hire has had trouble with the bar in the recent past to guide you on your choice.
  • Credentials –when choosing an attorney to represent you in court, credentials are an important element to consider. The attorney should have the required legal qualifications, have won some awards, and be a member of legal organizations.
  • References and reviews – reference can be given by people you know, online reviews such as attorney review sites to get what previous clients have to say about their level of satisfaction with the legal representation they received.
  • Cost- you should have a clear idea of all the costs associated with your case. The attorney should be transparent in giving you the costs you will incur in your case. Most premises liability lawyers work on a contingency fee. In some cases, you might incur other costs such as court-related expenses and costs associated with getting expert witnesses.
  • Location of the attorney – when selecting an attorney to represent you, location is key. Premises liability lawsare specific to a particular location. It is therefore important to get a lawyer located in the same city. In addition to knowing the various by-laws specific to your area, there will be convenience in meeting and making it easy for them to travel to the courtroom.
  • Specialization in personal injury-when selecting an attorney to represent you, it’s better to have one specialized in personal injury. The attorney will have in-depth knowledge of personal injury law as we have a good reputation with insurance companies.
  • Availability –the attorney you hire should be willing to answer your questions promptly. They should let you know whether you can call on their cellphones at any time or if they have specific hours of availability. In case you are badly injured and in hospital, your attorney should be willing to travel to where you are to enable you to have a face-to-face conversation.
  • Aggressive representation –before committing to an attorney, it is important to gauge their tenacity and commitment. A personal injury case is usually a battle between your attorney and legal insurance teams, whose main aim is to ensure you don’t get the compensation you are fighting for. You need an aggressive representation to get any compensation.
  • Enough time to handle your case – Ask your attorney if he has the time to handle your case or someone else will represent you. Ask to meet whoever will represent you to ensure you are comfortable working with them.

Final remarks

Since premises liability laws differ from one location to the other, it is important to seek the services of a local attorney who is conversant with the laws that govern your society. By adhering to the steps discussed in this article, you will succeed in getting a reliable attorney.

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