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Prepare Yourself for Your First Meeting with an Injury Lawyer

When you or your loved one has an injury because of the negligence of other person, you need to consult an experienced personal law attorney to know your legal rights. However, meeting your attorney for the first time may be a stressful one. However, that can be made easier if you prepare yourself well before meeting your attorney.

Working with an injury attorney is easy, as long as you are truthful, prepared to share relevant details, and have all the necessary documents with you.

Documents You Will Need

Collect and bring all documentation that will help you in personal injury claim. This would include, police report, names and information about the eyewitnesses and any photos taken at the accident scene.

Medical documents like, bills from doctor or therapist, documents for your treatment and diagnosis, details of ambulance service used if any and other medical information that may support your claim.

You will also need to bring insurance documents like health insurance and auto insurance if the injury was due to car accident.

Questions to Expect

In order to know about the accident, you may be asked a few questions by the lawyer. Questions may include, about your injury and pain suffered, whether you have seen a doctor and the prognosis, whether you have talked to any insurance company, what kind of insurance coverage you have, your nature of employment and wage loss if any.

These are some of the few questions you might expect on your first meeting with your lawyer. Also, you need to ask them questions regarding their fees structure, whether they work on contingency or hourly basis and whether they have experience in dealing cases like that of yours.

Be Honest

Your lawyer needs to know everything related to your injury to win the case. Be honest and let them know everything. You need to inform them if you have any criminal history or previous accidents if any. It is important to give them all the information that you can provide.

With this knowledge you can prepare yourself both, mentally and physically, before meeting your attorney.

It is not necessary that you have to commit with the first lawyer you consult. Choose the lawyer that you feel comfortable with so that, you can get the best possible outcome. If you are in search of experienced lawyers to represent you, contact Cecere Santana Attorneys who will fight for you. They provide you a free legal consultation for your injury case.

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