Personal Injury Claim For A Cat Attack

You may have heard people get bit by dogs and acquire deadly injuries. However, being scratched and bitten by cats can also invite medical bills. You could also apply for pain and suffering damages depending on the circumstances of the incident. If the cat bite wound gets infected, it could become painful and dangerous. 

Just because cats are calmer and less problematic than dogs does not mean they do not cause problems. If someone else’s cat has injured you, you may be able to recover compensation. Speak to a Dallas Personal Injury Attorney today and know your legal rights. 

Can you file a personal injury claim for a cat attack?

The short answer to this is yes, you can. If someone else’s cat has attacked or bitten you in Dallas, you can probably ask for damages. However, it depends on the circumstances. If you spent a considerable amount of time provoking the cat, and then it attacked you after being annoyed, you may experience a harder time getting compensation. 

If you were wandering about in the park and a cat suddenly attacked you without you approaching them, then you are completely innocent in this case. You can recover compensation by establishing that the cat owner did not take enough precautions to prevent it from attacking. 

Was the owner aware of the cat’s aggressiveness?

Cats are less aggressive animals than dogs, so most people do not see them as a threat. You may have seen people with a phobia of dogs but rarely ever find people who are scared of cats. Therefore, cats have managed to create an unproblematic reputation. 

However, not all cats are the same. Some cats can be very aggressive and hostile, even to their owners. If an owner is aware of the cat’s aggressiveness and decides to keep it anyway, they should take proper measures to prevent it from attacking other people. The owner’s legal responsibility is to protect other people from their cats. 

How to establish liability?

If another person’s cat injured you, you must gather evidence and establish the cat owner’s liability. You could do this by proving that the particular cat has a history of being dangerous. You may be able to prove this through a past incident where the cat had bitten someone else or attacked a dog without provocation. 

Remember that the court might not give full responsibility to the car owner. For example, if you had bent down to pet the cat, you could share liability. Speak to your attorney to understand what the steps are for you. 

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