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How Much Time Does It Take To Get A Divorce In Minneapolis?

While going through the process is equally emotionally and physically draining for both the parties involved in it, the people often introspect the time it takes in the complete process of divorce. The length of the divorce can vary from 4-6 weeks to 2-3 months. An uncontested divorce is the best option in Minneapolis to save both your cost involved and time in getting a divorce. You will come to know about what uncontested divorce is further below.

What Is An Uncontested Divorce?

The length of your divorce can be shortened if you opt for an uncontested divorce, which is a kind of dissolution of marriage in Minneapolis. Both the partners need to agree on the key aspects of the divorce, which are

  • You are parenting time- This includes your child’s custody, like where they will live after your divorce, etc.
  • For the children, the child support, medical and dental insurance, medical expenses of your children, etc.
  • Tax exemptions and deductions
  • Division of property, marital assets, and debts
  • Alimony and other divorce-related disputes

In case you or your partner disagrees with any of the above aspects, then the divorce lawyer had to intervene to resolve the remaining disputes.

There are two methods to get an uncontested divorce in Minneapolis, which are

  • Summary dissolution- This can be taken by partners without children and owning little property. Summary dissolution is a divorce that can be granted to the married couple without marking their presence in the court. Both the spouses need to prepare and file divorce papers. A lawyer will sign off the documents in case all the following conditions are met.
  • You and your partner do not have any children, and neither is expecting that.
  • Your marriage should be of less than eight years.
  • No one of you should own any of the real estates.
  • The marital estate should be worth less than $25,000
  • Neither of the partners should be a victim of domestic abuse by the other partner.
  • Each partner needs to keep their retirement accounts separate if it exists
  • Dissolution by Joint Petition- If the partners have children, own real estate, or other important assets, they can jointly file a petition and agree on all issues. 

In case the partners agree on all the conditions either through summary or joint petition dissolution, the divorce lawyer needs to sign off the paper. The divorce proceeding will be that completed within a few weeks only.

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