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Here’s what a social security disability attorney can do for you! 

You are unwell and cannot work anymore, at least for a considerable time. Since you have paid into the SSDI program, you now want to claim the benefits. Unfortunately, only about 30% of social security disability claims are approved by the SSA in the first go, and therefore, it is imperative that you have expertise on your side. Hiring a Rogers social security disability attorney is the first step in the process, and if you are wondering what an attorney can do for you, we have enlisted a few pointers below. 

Review the SSDI case

Before you file the initial application, it makes sense to sit with an experienced lawyer and work on the possibilities. A good lawyer will review your SSDI case and determine the key aspects that matter. If your initial claim has been denied, they will look at the reasons and use the information to file an appeal. 

Coming up with a strategy

You will need to prove why you deserve to get the SSDI benefits, especially if your initial application was rejected. Your lawyer will determine the approach. The first and most obvious reason is your condition meets the listing of the SSDI program. The second reason could be that you grid out any form of substantial work. The third would be that your condition prevents you from doing any kind of sedentary work. 

Handle the paperwork

Your disability lawyer will check why your application was denied during the review. It could be related to the paperwork or the information you provided, which is often a reason for SSDI denials. In other words, you need the lawyer to fill up the gaps in the claim. 

Gather evidence

You should have credible evidence of your medical condition, and your lawyer will ensure that the SSA finds the records that they need. Your lawyer will talk to your doctors, find as many medical records as possible, and ensure that all details are included in your appeal or application as the case requires. 

Represent you at the appeal

At the hearing, your lawyer is in charge of presenting facts. They can turn things around, but if that doesn’t work and your reconsideration request is denied, your lawyer will proceed to the administrative law judge hearing. There are also two other options that you can consider in the future – review at the appeals council and review at the federal court. 

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