Have You Ever Been Involved In A Police, Fire, or Ambulance Accident?

It can be frightening to be involved in an automobile crash with a police vehicle or another emergency vehicle. Law enforcement officers and other initial responders are frequently assumed to be legally protected by the public. However, the towns or regions where they work may hold police officers, doctors, and firefighters accountable for any fatalities they create. A Tacoma personal injury lawyer is someone you should definitely contact.

Our initial step is to identify the kind of incident you were hurt in. Typically, accidents involving bystanders and emergency personnel fall into one of these three categories:

  • Motorcycle and car accidents:

Roadside motorbikes and cars may collide with responding emergency service vehicles during a situation requiring a police response. First responders may have tunnel vision, become preoccupied with their radio, or travel dangerously in an effort to reach the incident or apprehend a criminal. A qualified attorney familiar with response procedures and relevant traffic rules should carefully evaluate any event involving policemen or other emergency vehicles.

  • Pedestrian mishaps:

When a police car, fire truck, or ambulance strikes a pedestrian, the victim may sustain severe physical injuries or perhaps die. The town, district, or state would be liable for their injuries if the sufferers followed pedestrian law when crossing the road.

  • Bicycle mishaps:

Even though many cities have created dedicated bicycle lanes, collisions between bicycles and emergency vehicles still happen often. When cars are traveling at the posted limit, it might be challenging to detect bikes, and it becomes noticeably more challenging when they are moving at a fast speed. Due to the weight and protective differences between a motorcycle and a motor, bicycle accident victims frequently sustain the most severe injuries.

What do you do now?

Going to the hospital should be your first move following a collision with a police vehicle, fire truck, or ambulance. No matter how serious or minor your personal injury is, lawyers advise you to go to the closest hospital for two primary reasons.

  • Your health is a top priority.

Although an accident victim may have appeared unharmed at the scene, their bodies have undergone traumatic experiences. Injuries frequently take time to exhibit their effects, with wounds taking months or even decades to become damaged. You have up to 3 years under Washington State Law to submit a claim following an accident, which is one reason for this.

  • Evidence of damage.

Documentation of the event is required in order for a pedestrian or car accident victim to submit a personal injury lawsuit. The insurance provider or the side representing the city, state, or jurisdiction will seek to demonstrate that the damages were not significant or that the law enforcement officer, firefighter, or paramedic was not at fault for the collision if you choose not to go to the doctor after your injury.

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