Finding The Right Corporate Lawyer: Review Your Options Wisely

Right from the time of incorporation, your company needs two resources – legal advisors and accountant. Many small businesses don’t want to hire a corporate lawyer, because they feel they don’t have many legal matters to worry about. This is, unfortunately, a big mistake, because the role of a corporate lawyer goes beyond handling a lawsuit for your business. They can offer advice on all relevant aspects, including compliance. If you are looking for a corporate lawyer San Francisco, it is wise to review your options wisely.

Avoid taking the decision later

If your company is being sued, you will not have enough time to look for a corporate lawyer in the first place. To add to that, your expenses of hiring a law firm will only increase manifold. There will be court costs, charges of the attorney, and the whole process of signing up a contract. Instead, look for lawyers when you decide on starting the business. Your accountant and in-house teams may also look up to corporate lawyers for advice and assistance on various matters that may have legal implications.

Availability matters

Always select a corporate lawyer that you can rely on and who is accessible for handling all your requirements. Keep in mind that you don’t want to wait to get advice or solutions, in case there is a legal matter that must be addressed immediately. Select a law firm that has worked with businesses with a similar profile as yours.

Large or small firm?

This is often a factor to consider. If you go for an individually-practicing corporate lawyer, you are likely to pay less, but there are some advantages of working with big law firms. Firstly, they have a team, so it is easier to get direct opinions from different experts on the matter. Also, you can expect expertise with everything, from handling matters related to patents or advising on employee termination. The fee, or hourly rate, is important but that shouldn’t be the only reason to select a corporate lawyer.

Ask questions

Knowing the expertise, experience, and overall standing of a corporate lawyer is important. Take your time to ask relevant questions, and if possible, get references. Make sure that the law firm has been around for while and they are open to sharing details related to the work they do.

Finally, consider the whole aspect of long-term collaboration. You will need your corporate lawyer more often than you expect.

Patch Sagan
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