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Facts About Bail Bonds

Bail bonds Berks County PA are legal agreements between an accused and a bail bond investor or agency. The bail bond investor will guarantee (or provide a guarantee) to pay the full amount of the bail if the defendant does not appear in court as ordered. A bail bond is a form of collateral security, which means that if the defendant does not appear, the bail bond will be paid by the bail bond investor. In exchange, the bail bond provides the defendant with the right of post-judgment release. A bail bond can also be referred to as a post-bail contract or post-detention agreement.

Facts About Bail Bonds

A bail bond company or agent is any individual, firm or agency that will legally agree to and pay the full bail amount if the defendant does not appear in court as ordered. There are typically two types of bail bond companies: private bail bond companies and government-guaranteed bail bond companies. Private bail bond companies are generally smaller and work locally; they are more likely to hire their own detectives or investigators to serve as a means of ensuring the defendant appears in court on the dates scheduled. The government-guaranteed bail bond companies are larger and are often based nationwide. Government guaranteed bond companies do not usually have local offices and may have multiple locations throughout the United States.

Private Bail Bonds

Private bail bond companies typically work through the bail bond system to find the most affordable and reliable bonds for their clients. They usually do not do personal interviews of defendants, but rather require the defendant to meet them at a certain office or location. Once at the location, the defendant signs a bond agreement and releases their personal items, vehicles, money, and any type of collateral. Once the defendant is released, they are escorted away from the area by bail enforcement. However, if the defendant is found within the courthouse or jail, they are returned to jail where they await their trial date.

Prices for Bail

The prices that bail bond companies charge for their services depend greatly on the seriousness of the defendant’s case and the crime for which they are accused. If the defendant does not show up at their court date, the court may issue an arrest warrant. The warrant can be used by other law enforcement agencies to pick the defendant up and return them to jail. If the defendant does appear in court and is found guilty, they will then have to face their criminal charges.

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