Complete details regarding Investment Immigration Strategy

Immigrants are the main source of most of the developing world’s economic potential. However, with the worsening of economical crisis worldwide, many countries are experiencing a shortage of skilled workers that can be utilized for economic development.

Therefore, the global investment immigration arena is seeing unprecedented growth and numerous investors are increasingly utilizing their finance in innumerable ways.

Immigrants are now coming to United States in huge numbers. Most of them have obtained a work permit and an opportunity to stay legally in the country. The number of investors who decided to immigrate to the country has increased in recent years. Some of the popular investment immigration strategies have seen double-digit growth last year.

The two popular investment immigration strategies that most immigrants use to get a better chance to succeed in the country include settlement and non-residency programs. These are usually sponsored by the US government or an organization that supports immigration.

In order to be eligible for either scheme, however, you should have a well-written employment contract and have obtained approval to reside in the country. Both these schemes allow immigrants to settle in the United States while they pursue their higher education.

If you are looking to become an investment immigration investor, then you will need to follow the same rules as other foreign investors. To start with, you must create a business plan that details the legal process you must go through and how long it will take before you are able to start working legally.

You will also need to submit copies of bank statements and paystubs proving your legal residency. Most investors are also required to undergo an interview conducted by the USCIS along with their lawyers so that they can properly present their case to the relevant authorities.

The most common investment immigration strategy used by foreign investors is the Canada startup visa program. The program allows eligible immigrants to obtain an immigrant visa based on the equity they can demonstrate. This includes real estate and funds that are obtained through sources outside the United States.

In return, the investor must agree to provide at least $500k as a cash deposit and to invest that money in the United States for a minimum of three years. Investors who meet both requirements are considered eligible under the EB-5 program.

Whether you are an individual or a business owner, an investment immigration lawyer can help you determine whether you are eligible to use the investment immigration scheme set up by the federal government. There are many ways in which you can become eligible for the immigration program, but you must first have your application approved.

This means proving to the US immigration authorities that you meet the investment criteria. Having a high level of education and completing all the necessary paperwork in order to become eligible for residency in the country are just a few of the requirements you must meet.

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