Choosing a Personal Injury Lawyer The Correct Way

When involved in an accident in New York City, it’s vitally important that you find an attorney who understands your circumstances. A competent attorney can help recover compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering as well as more.

Selecting an attorney may seem simple enough, but finding the appropriate one may take more thought and consideration than you think. Here are a few key points you should keep in mind before making your choice:


Your attorney selection for a personal injury case can make a dramatic impactful statement about how serious and viable your suit is. Make sure you select one with extensive expertise in the specific area of law where your case falls.

Your search for an experienced New York injury lawyer should start with referrals from friends and family. However, meeting potential attorneys before making your choice will allow you to determine how well they relate with you and whether their approach fits with yours.

Consider how easy it will be to contact New York injury lawyer Ross Cellino. Find out how quickly they respond to phone calls and emails, who will be working on your case, if there are after-hours staff available, etc. This will ensure you feel assured that your lawyer takes your claim seriously, fighting to secure you the maximum possible compensation for injuries and losses sustained in a court of law.


An outstanding attorney will boast an exceptional track record and can give you peace of mind knowing they will fight hard on your behalf to secure you the compensation that is owed to you.

Proving negligence in personal injury cases is no simple matter, but an experienced New York accident attorney will take great care to investigate and establish liability in your case, holding those at fault accountable and holding them responsible. They do this through reviewing medical records, interviewing witnesses, reviewing police reports and consulting experts.

Personal injury cases depend on an extensive collection of evidence, from medical records detailing your injuries to expert testimony proving causation. Photographs and videos offer visual proof, while police reports and official documents offer context to your case. Damaged vehicles or defective products can have an even more powerful impactful result for any court proceedings; how much compensation will be awarded depends upon liability being established by court proceedings.


Injury plaintiffs often fear hiring an attorney will be too expensive, which is understandable as litigation can be expensive – for example, expert fees and case expenses alone could cost thousands. New York law offers two options for injured plaintiffs regarding who should bear these expenses: (1) pay these costs themselves directly (2) share them equally

Injury lawyers typically operate under contingency contracts. This means they only receive payment if they win your case or claim. On average, an injury lawyer typically charges one-third to four percent of total awards or settlement amounts as their fee.

However, several factors can impact the final percentage rate. For example, if your claim remains an insurance claim and does not go on to become a lawsuit, your lawyer may charge less. Conversely, if it requires extensive trial preparation then they could charge a higher percentage as well as deduct certain expenses such as co-pays for doctor visits or printing fees for copies of medical records from your settlement sum.


An effective New York work injury lawyer must be able to communicate effectively with clients. They should answer your questions clearly and explain complex matters simply. In addition, they should show compassion and understand your circumstances – if they seem aloof or dismissive then consider finding another attorney.

Ask any potential attorneys how many cases they are currently handling; otherwise it could be hard for your case to receive the attention it requires if there’s little time left in its statute of limitations.

Furthermore, you should carefully evaluate their track record for successful settlements and verdicts. In an ideal world, selecting an attorney who has handled and won similar cases would give them an edge when dealing with insurance companies – especially when seeking damages for non-economic injuries such as pain and suffering damages.

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