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All you Need to Know About Consent Orders

A consent order is a legally-binding document drawn up by both parties in a relationship that has ended, and providing both parties can come to an agreement over child custody and the division of financial assets. This agreement might take time to come to fruition, with skilled lawyers negotiating on their client’s behalf, but a consent order is far preferred to taking the case to a family court for the judges to decide, and once the agreement has been drafted by the lawyers, the family court quickly give their approval and the order is then legally binding.

Fixed Price Consent Orders in Brisbane

One thing you don’t want is for a long and drawn out debate that ends up costing you a fortune in legal fees (they charge for their time), but with fixed consent orders in Brisbane from very efficient family lawyers, you and your ex-partner can amicably conclude the relationship in a civil and legally binding manner. With a fixed price, it doesn’t matter if the negotiations go on for longer than expected, yet the family lawyer is prompt and remains focused on achieving the best possible outcome for their client.

Online Solutions

If you want the advice of a family lawyer with regard to a consent orders in Brisbane, search online for a family law firm that is in your area, then make an appointment to have a free consultation. Once the lawyer sees what you are both proposing, he or she can quickly start things moving and begin to draft the document.

Possible Inclusions in a Consent Order

The order might contain details concerning:

  • What happens to the marital home.
  • Custody of the children.
  • The terms and schedule of parental visitations.
  • Is one party’s superannuation included in the agreement.
  • Division of real estate, vehicles, jewellery and other assets.
  • Financial support for the children.
  • Any cash payments made, as in equity issues.

While it can be difficult for two people to come to a full agreement regarding their assets and care of the children, and with a family lawyer in your team, you stand a very good chance of receiving a favourable outcome.

Talk to your ex-partner and if you are both fair and honest, then you should be able to come to an agreement, and with a fixed price consent order from an experienced family lawyer, it will all soon be over and you can move on to the next exciting chapter of your life.

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