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6 Benefits of Hiring a Skilled DUI Lawyer

At least 1.5 million drivers are arrested for drunk driving annually. A DUI is a serious offense that carries potentially life-changing consequences. For example, getting charged with DUI might affect your employment and get your driver’s license revoked.

You can’t handle the charges independently. These six benefits will definitely motivate you to hire a DUI lawyer from Tully Rinckey.

1. They Can Help You Decide Whether or Not to Plea Bargain

At times, you can have a plea bargain whereby you accept a guilty verdict for a reduced penalty or charge. This is the ideal option for you, especially when you truly know you’re guilty. Plea-bargaining is done by your DUI attorney. They know how to precisely present your arguments so that the end results are favorable and you can receive a reduced plea.

2. They Can Help Your Sentence Reduce or Be Dropped Altogether

The penalties for DUI charges vary depending on your situation. If you’re a regular offender, your consequences might change from time to time. But if you’re a first-time offender, your plea will be prepared by the prosecution panel. You’ll still have to contact a reliable DUI lawyer for this case to defend you. A well-known layer might help get you a reduced sentence. DUI charges are severe and complicated. You need to hire an experienced lawyer who understands the legal system.

3. They Will Protect Your Rights

Your rights as a criminal defendant are enshrined in the constitution. Unfortunately, your rights aren’t always exercised. The skilled professionals at Tully Rinckey have a solid grasp of New York State’s nuanced criminal laws, meaning that they not only know the regulations and laws of DUIs but also your personal rights during these cases. For these reasons, consider hiring a DUI attorney to help protect your rights in court.

4. They Will Get Your License Returned

One of the repercussions of a DUI case might be that you lose or have your license reclaimed. However, a skilled DUI lawyer can advocate for you to keep your license and can often get it back after a DUI charge. With the help of a DUI lawyer, you can get back to driving immediately and not have to risk slowing your life down.

5. They Will Save You Money and Time

A lengthy and tiresome DUI case can waste money, particularly when you try to defend yourself. However, an experienced DUI attorney will find a way to navigate the court system regarding your case. They can also assess the evidence to defend you. They know what to do with your DUI case and will strive to ensure the case ends with a dismissal. This will save you money in the courtroom.

DUI charges shouldn’t stop your life because you made a foolish mistake. Remember, you do have a life outside the courtroom. A DUI attorney understands that well. So, hiring a DUI lawyer will help you avoid spending too much time in the courtroom.

6. They Are Equipped With Numerous DUI Defenses

People think driving under the influence has no ‘defenses’ because it’s entirely unlawful regardless of the situation. But, many defenses can work in your favor and help you avoid conviction.

You can miss these defenses on your own, but a skilled DUI lawyer can claim one of them on your behalf. Here are some of the defenses that your attorney can use to defend you:

Your Breath Alcohol Tests Were Inaccurate

Breath alcohol tests aren’t always accurate. A single test isn’t enough to determine the alcohol level in your blood system. Your attorney might consult with a forensic toxicology professional to help determine if your test was accurate or not. If it was inaccurate, then your charges might be dismissed.

You Weren’t Permitted to Contact Your DUI Lawyer During Investigation

It would violate your rights if you weren’t permitted to contact your lawyer for a DUI investigation. Your charges could be dismissed if this is the case.

You Were Stopped Illegally

A police officer must believe you’re violating a traffic law to pull you over. Your case might be dismissed if you were stopped unjustifiably. Your attorney will analyze your case using the officer’s bodycam or security cameras to see if you violated any laws. If that’s the case, they’ll file a motion to defend you.

Hire A Skilled DUI Attorney Today

Being arrested for DUI charges doesn’t mean you’re guilty. You can still have a chance to prove your innocence. Use that chance to bargain for a reduced penalty or plea. Depending on your charges, this option might be made available. Undoubtedly, hiring a professional at Tully Rinckey is highly beneficial in ensuring positive results for your case.

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