3 real reasons to hire a work injury lawyer in Richmond

Virginia requires all employers/businesses with three or more employees to have workers’ compensation insurance. For the unversed, workers’ compensation is a no-fault insurance that will cover for your damages, if you get injured at work. The benefits of workers’ compensation insurance extend to all employees, including part-time workers. Also, if you are diagnosed with a job-related illness, you can file a claim to seek compensation. The question is – Do you need to consult one of work injury lawyers in Richmond? In this post, we are sharing 5 reasons why legal counsel is worth considering. 

  1. To know the worth of your claim. Like we mentioned, this is a no-fault insurance system, so no matter who or what caused the accident, you can ask for compensation. So, what is the worth of your claim? Unfortunately, most victims end up accepting whatever is being offered. Working with an attorney is more about understanding the nature of your damages and filing & winning a realistic claim. 
  2. To negotiate with the insurance company. Insurance companies are not on your side, and that’s the hard truth. The claims adjuster may make an offer, but they will try their best to downplay your claim and injuries. Without an attorney, you are up against an insurance company that has vast financial and legal resources at disposal. Work injury lawyers know what it takes to negotiate with claims adjusters, and they won’t settle for less than what you rightfully deserve. 
  3. To take action against your employer. In Virginia, injured workers cannot directly sue their employers for workplace injuries. However, there are certain circumstances, where you can take action against your employer. For example, if you were injured on the job and your employer fired you in retaliation, you may have the scope to file a lawsuit. Besides workers’ compensation, lawyers should be able to guide on that. 

As an employee, you have the rights to seek workers’ compensation benefits because of a work-related accident that has caused damages. For that, you must know the options, how to proceed with your workers’ compensation claim, and win a fair settlement. Let an attorney handle all of that for you. Also, most attorneys take workers’ compensation cases on a contingency fee, so you don’t have to pay the lawyer right away. You can meet an attorney for a free case evaluation, to understand what to expect from your circumstances and claim. 

Patch Sagan
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